BrewT Tea Infuser | 18oz

BrewT Tea Infuser | 18oz

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Enjoy a waste-free cup of freshly brewed loose-leaf tea without the mess! Just add your desired amount any loose-leaf tea (or even coffee!) and hot water. Once it's ready, simply place on top of any mug and watch as the built-in strainer effortlessly releases your cup of tea!

The BrewT infuser is made with a durable BPA free polymer, is easily washable, and can be used over and over for the perfect cup. It also comes with a coaster!

Height: 6 3/4"

Width (including handle): 5 7/8"

Depth: 4"

Coaster: 4 5/8"

Capacity: 18oz

BrewT is a Canadian company!

This item is also available in person at the Hedgerow Tea Bar at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market.